Cabin Manual

Check In:  After 3 pm 

Check Out:  Before 11 am




Once you are inside the cabin, look around and take a deep breath!  You made it!  Now you can start to relax!!

1.  The front door has a keypad lock on it. 


2.  There is wood and kindling to the right, outside the front door.  In the little tin bucket on the floor beside the wood stove are matches and fire starter blocks.    The damper (small metal handle) on the woodstove to control the flames is located down on the bottom right-hand side of the stove.   Pull the handle OUT to open the damper and crack the stove door open a little bit when starting the fire in the stove.   As the fire starts to burn the logs at a good rate, close the stove door, then push the damper handle IN a little bit at a time to produce a slow burn and create more heat inside the cabin. More heat is generated in the cabin if the fire is banked down to burn slow.  Damper handle is pushed almost all the way IN at this point.  **** Keep the fires small. There is a huge risk of chimney fires if you continuously burn the fire on high.   


3. On the counter you will see a small lantern.  Lift the handles to turn on.  This works great!  Sitting on the shelf above the counter is a Bluetooth speaker for you to listen and sing along with your favorite tunes!   The orange charging cord for this speaker is in the bottom right-hand drawer of the cupboard.  Also located in this drawer is an IPhone charge cord.


4. There is an extra blanket in the blanket box.  Also, in the blanket box are playing cards. crib board and board games for you to kick each others' butts with!  


5. The kitchen is equipped with all cooking necessities.  Included are a mini fridge, utensils, knives, dishes, serving dishes, pots & pans, a ceramic water jug filled with spring water, an electric kettle and a French coffee press. Coffee, sugar, tin foil, saran wrap, paper towels and salt and pepper are provided.    Absolutely NO COOKING allowed in the cabin. All cooking is to be done outdoors on the propane BBQ. There is a side burner for cooking located on the right-hand side of the grill on the BBQ as well. There is a large food prep counter located outside beside the BBQ. *** No running water or built-in sinks inside the cabin. An extra jug of spring water will be provided in the winter.  During the colder seasons, running water will be shut off  so no running water at all.  Hot water for washing dishes/yourself can be pulled from the jug of water provided inside the cabin and heated in the electric kettle. Basins, dish soap, linens and dish drying pad provided. During the warmer seasons, running water will be provided by the unique hand water pump which fills the outside kitchen sink.  Unlimited hot water available in the large freestanding soaking tub and Cowboy shower.  


6. To turn the light on and off over the kitchen counter, wave your hand under the left-hand side of the shelf (above the kitchen corner) and the light will turn on/off. 


7. The large window dominating the wall is a sliding barn door.  Grab the handle and slide it open.  Let the outside into your world!  ***Note:  if you leave this door open at night, the moths and flies will be happy to share your space inside the cabin. So, it is especially important to remember to close all the doors when not needed!!


8. Inside light switches beside the front door will turn on the outside front door light and a row of twinkle lights along the inside ceiling for ambiance!  


9. Inside light switches beside the back door – far left will turn on lights around the back-deck fence.  Middle switch turns on the motion detector light beside the back door that will get brighter as you move around on the deck.  It is set to stay on for a while so you can see your way to the outhouse if you need to visit it in the dark!!  The right-hand 

light switch will turn on lights under the eave of the roof on the barn door side of the cabin.  


10.   Outhouse: This special toilet seat is designed to prevent the unpleasant odors usually associated with outhouses.  Please sprinkle the shavings down the back hole after you are done.  These are in the tin bucket located under the counter.  One scoop will be sufficient.  Note:  Please put your used toilet paper in the little black garbage can beside the toilet.  


11. Outside firepit: The firepit is located is the clearing beside the cabin.  You are completely surrounded by a forest full of mature trees, so, we ask that you be extremely careful of starting a forest fire.  These woods are home to several families in our close-knit community as well as livestock and wildlife, so a forest fire is a great tragedy!    Keep your fires small and never leave it unattended.


Please be cognizant of the fact that this is not FREE firewood.  It has taken a great deal of work by us, a senior couple in our late 60’s, to selectively harvest, buck, hand split and stack this wood. Think of how many times each stick of wood has been handled by us and what it has cost us to get it to you for your enjoyment!!  Remember – small fires!!  


You are welcome, however, to pick deadfall from the forest floor surrounding the cabin to burn in your outside fire.  As farmers, we are stewards of the land.  We work extremely hard at maintaining and enhancing the sustainability of our land by treating it with respect and keeping our forests ecosystem alive and healthy. 


THANK YOU for helping us with that!


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Cremona, AB

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