Tin Bins

Tin Bins Information

Our two metal grain bins were acquired from a pioneer family farm south of Airdrie, Alberta and were carefully moved to our property here on the Burnt Timber Road. The Tin Bins have been custom built by joining the two metal grain bins together thus creating a large open-plan living area/bedroom area that is centered around a warm inviting wood stove. We have created for you a unique” Silocation” experience that is one of only a handful in North America.

Custom Built Spruce Wood and Antique Tin Queen Bed

Dominating the bedroom is a massive handmade repurposed spruce wood and tin bed that Paul has hand-crafted using old spruce fence planks and salvaged tin.  Sweet dreams in this beautiful bed are guaranteed with a queen memory foam mattress which is covered with a canvas mattress cover.  Hanging down from the peak in the bedroom ceiling above the bed is a large antique Tiffany style lamp that is breathtaking in various hues of blue.   Hanging on either side of the bed are antique carriage style lanterns, so you have light to read by.  



Cozy Leather Recliners, Horseshoe Floor Lamp and Wood Stove

The cozy leather recliners are situated so that you can sit and become mesmerized by the flames flickering in the wood stove.  Between the two recliners is a unique floor lamp designed and built using old horseshoes that Paul has used in his trade as a farrier.   Throughout the living area are several log stumps that have been created from large trees from our property.



Live Edge Log Kitchen Counter 

The foyer area between the living room and bedroom contains a large live-edge log kitchen counter.  On the live-edge counter sits a ceramic crock filled with fresh water and Bluetooth speaker.  Located on the shelves under the counter is an electric kettle, a French coffee press/coffee, a basket containing a can opener, scissors, corkscrew for your use and an LED lantern.   

Massive Outside Deck and Fire Pit

The perfect place to cook your meals and to drink your morning coffee while sitting on metal tractor seats at the unique high table made from windmill parts   On the large live-edge food prep counter is a repurposed windmill pump that dispenses cold running water into an antique copper sink. Beside the prep counter is a large BBQ that has been reconfigured to hold the two-burner camp stove.  Light the firewood in the fire pit, throw some steaks and baked potatoes onto the grill that swings over the fire and relax back on the Adirondack chairs to wait!  Later cook a few marshmallows for a sweet dessert!  

Unique Features

Cowboy Hot Tub

One of the most unique features of our Tin Bins is the "Cowboy Hot Tub".  Fill with water and light the fire in the down-draft firebox.  It takes about 3 hours to heat the water so this is the perfect time to sip a glass of your favorite beverage,  cook your evening meal and relax by the fire pit for a while.  Finally!  It's time to enjoy the incredible experience of soaking in the Cowboy Hot Tub and gazing upwards at the stars in the night sky above you.  Absolute bliss!  **** Note:  Closed November 1st - May 1st during the winter season*****

Cowboy Shower


Situated on the back of the outhouse is the outdoor Cowboy Shower.  Shielded by spruce trees you can take a long hot shower while the sun shines down on you.  Unlimited hot water is provided by the instant hot water heater.  Fantastic!  

 **** Note:  Closed November 1st - May 1st during the winter season *****

The Red Front Door

As you wind through the towering spruce and pine trees along the trail to the Tin Bins, you can occasionally see off to your left a light flickering through the trees.  Suddenly as you walk into the clearing through the darkness,  you can see ahead of you, an antique barn light beaming down onto the welcoming Red Front Door of the Tin Bins!  


Walk through these doors and have your breath taken away!  

Your Adventure Begins


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